I'm an image-maker and bricolage enthusiast.

I combine classic mark-making tools, pencil, ink, watercolour, printing techniques, and paper cut-outs, sometimes stitched up digitally, to create my gritty illustrations. Telling stories with strong lighting and a sense of mystery,​ my characters can appear naïve, even humourous at times - but on closer look ​nuances, like expression, gesture, posture, style, and props, communicate deeper social narratives.

In past projects, I have worked with photography and video. My work has been part of many exhibitions in Europe and North America and my illustrations and photographs are part of gallery and private collections in Canada, the US and the UK. My short film, 'Idol Mind', was nominated for 'Best British Short' and won the 'Audience Award' at the East London Film Festival.

I am currently working on the illustrated history of a street in Whitechapel called Cudworth Street, first named in 1856 and marked by a series of viaducts. It's a fascinating story of skilled labour and government neglect and has a lot of parallels with what is happening to urban artisans today.

My freelance portfolio is diverse, ranging from editorial illustration, picture books, artwork for musicians, photography to video. I love working with people on visually communicating their ideas.

Get in touch and let me make you an image!