Thank you for visiting. "MiNE FROM HOME" is an expression that I used as a child. It was a much respected code of ethics between children that differentiated between personal and shared belonging. I believe it is still used in schools today.

minefromhome.com is my online portfolio: my illustration work - mixing collage, drawing, ink, monoprinting, photo transfers, rubber stamping, watercolour, and my photography and video projects.

I am currently working on a graphic history novel about a street in Whitechapel (East London) called Cudworth Street.

Previously I have worked on picture book illustration, editorial illustration, artwork for musicians, fashion-related projects, and photography and video.

My personal work is linked by an interest in urban culture, looking at how identities are formed through a combination of authenticity and mimicry and how nuances, such as style, gesture and stance, narrate these overlaps.

In 2010, my short video 'Idol Mind' was nominated for Best UK Short and won the Audience Award at the East End Film Festival in London. My photography and video projects have been been part of many exhibtions in Europe and North America and my photographs are part of several gallery and private collections in Canada, the USA and the UK.

I work freelance and am available for commissions.

Let me make you an image!